Government Affairs

The Division of Government & Community Affairs represents Weill Cornell Medicine (WCM) patients, staff and students regarding matters involving federal, state or city governments. Across the fields of patient care, research and education, we engage with governmental bodies concerning a wide range of issues important to our constituencies, aligning the WCM mission with programmatic, legislative and regulatory initiatives.

Patient Care

WCM is committed to informing and supporting public policy decisions that improve patients’ access to affordable health insurance and high-quality health care. We support programs and legislation that further these objectives and oppose policies that erect new health care barriers. Medicare and Medicaid policy, regulation of physician practices and insurance reform are examples of issues on which we are engaged. To learn more about our patient care mission, visit WCM Patient Care.

Current Programs and Legislation

Medical Research

WCM researchers are devoted to unearthing the molecular underpinnings of disease, pushing scientific discoveries forward with the goal of quickly applying laboratory breakthroughs to clinical settings. Government investment is a cornerstone of these breakthroughs, and we support robust funding for basic science, clinical and translational research at federal, state and local levels. We also work with government partners to manage scientific regulatory compliance that impacts investigators, laboratories and patients. To learn more about our research mission, visit WCM Research.

Current Programs and Legislation

Higher Education

Weill Cornell Medicine Higher Education

We proudly educate the next generation of physicians, scientists and health professionals through Weill Cornell Medical College and the Graduate School of Medical Sciences. Fair lending and grant programs that reduce the burden of student debt are essential for these students. Congress authorizes the federal government to provide loans to U.S. students with the Higher Education Act (HEA), which was last authorized in 2008. As Congress works to reauthorize this crucial piece of legislation, we continue to advocate for lending, repayment and forgiveness programs for our students. To learn more about our mission, visit WCM Education.

Diversity & Mentorship

We support programs that create and sustain a diverse pipeline of future physicians, scientists and mentors. We believe that our government’s role in education should include an effort to achieve the greatest level of diversity among both students and educators, and we engage with government agencies and leaders to ensure the creation and continuation of programs that have these objectives at their core.

Economic Development

Government investments in the areas of health care, medical research and education strongly impact our local, state and national economies. We work with government officials to ensure the effective delivery of economic development programs, including life science initiatives, to maximize benefits for the communities we serve. In addition to widespread economic benefits, these programs also further assist the discovery of new clinical therapies that improve public health and patient care.


Weill Cornell Medicine is supportive of policies and legislation that provide clear and reliable paths to immigration that allow those from around the world to come to the United States to learn, deliver patient care, provide health education, and support medical research. Regardless of background, Weill Cornell Medicine is committed to providing a world-class education, conducting groundbreaking research and providing patient care that is equitable and accessible.

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