Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM)

The Weill Cornell Medicine (WCM) Division of Government & Community Affairs works with a myriad of partners to encourage children and young adults of all ages in New York and around the world to pursue STEM-related education and careers, facilitating meaningful interactions with potential mentors in safe, supportive environments. Through hands-on community workshops, group discussions and networking dinners, we have empowered more than 1,450 students globally to pursue STEM education and the careers of their dreams.

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Big Red STEM Day

Launched in November 2016 in partnership with the New York City Department of Education, Big Red STEM Day is an immersive, full-day event that engages students with lectures, networking and mentorship opportunities, hands-on workshops and panel discussions. The program brings together middle and high school students from across New York City and often includes entities from Cornell University’s broad spectrum of scientific education initiatives.

Weill Cornell Medicine STEMposium Science Fair 2018
Young Women's Leadership Network students use a stethoscope to practice skills they learned from Weill Cornell medical students at the STEMposium Science Fair as part of Big Red STEM Day 2018.
Tanaka Junior Dune with 2018 STEMposium Science Fair Student
Tanaka Junior Dune, M.D., WCM assistant urology professor and Big Red STEM Day welcome address speaker visits the 2018 STEMposium Science Fair.
Fatou Waggeh at Big Red STEM Day 2016
Fatou Waggeh, a high school student at the Manhattan Center for Math and Science, learns how to use staining methods to differentiate bacteria from soil, yogurt and even saliva during Big Red STEM Day 2016.
Marco Gonzalez Big Red STEM Day Electroplating
Marco Gonzalez, a student at the Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics, uses electroplating to make a silver penny and a copper nickel with his Big Red STEM Day lab partner.
Young Women's Leadership Network Explorer's Summer Campers
Young Women's Leadership Network Explorer's Summer Campers test their problem-solving, analytical thinking and interpersonal skills while thinking like engineers to use basic materials to build a structure with special instructions.

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