Protest Safely in a COVID Era

To make demonstrations to eradicate racism as safe as possible, we offer you the following advice to minimize the risk for spreading the coronavirus while you exert your right to free speech.

1. Keep as much Physical Distance as possible.

2. Keep 6 feet apart when you bend the knee, lie down or sit.

3. Wear a mask at all times

4. Avoid touching others. Give air hugs.

5. Carry hand sanitizer. Perform hand hygiene if you touch anyone. If you do not have hand sanitizer, wash hands frequently with soap and water.

6. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

7. Drink plenty of water. There have been reports of dehydration at other protests. 

8. Use water to wash off pepper sray or tear gas. No need for milk.

COVID testing is FREE and recommeneded for ALL New Yorkers once you get back, assume you’ve been exposed to COVID-19 and get tested five days after exposure. Testing locations can be found by calling 311.

A printable version of the above recommendataions can be found here.

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